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Some Of Our Testimonials:

I’m absolutely staggered by the volume of content in this course. It really does cover EVERYTHING you need to know, and it’s delivered in an exceedingly easy-to-follow way.

Mark is very good at getting his points across concisely and is great at explaining concepts which at first seem tricky, but then after you’ve listened to him, it just seems to easy.

The course is split up very logically, with each lecture being just the right length. They all cover everything they need to for that particular topic, but they’re not exhaustively long either.

I’ve done a LOT of courses in my time and I can honestly say this is probably one of the best.
— Donna Green
Mark is easy to understand and talks about relevant and interesting points of marketing across all channels. Great for the inexperienced or for those looking to tweak their efforts in the right direction!!
— Kelly Briggs
This is a really broad course about all the aspects of Social Media Marketing. Mark is really knowledgeable and engaging, very professional with the right touch of humour. Loved it!
— Rea Novak
Very excellent course.. Very thorough with clear crystal explanations. Mark has taken us from the basic meaning of marketing to what marketing actually is. Highly recommended course if you want to start marketing and don’t know where to start from
— Humayun Omar
Relevant content and delivered with simplicity. Love the clarity and crispness of language!

Mark really makes sure you have what you need to start out as an entrepreneur and also a great marketer. With comfortable pacing and adequate emphasis, I find myself grasping core concepts quickly. I highly recommend this to all Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Marketing personnel and the Creatives. What you learn here will take you further for a long time.
— Mak David
I’m about half way through and I love his teaching style! Everything is easy to understand. I’m on my way to writing blog and social media posts like a pro! Thank you!
— Erica Brown
Although I haven’t finished the course, I’ve completed enough to be able to rate it 5 stars - it’s that good. Mark’s pace is perfect for letting all the detailed, relevant information he gives sink in. Mark is adept at explaining the why behind the how. The course has been a valuable resource for me.
— Jen Omear
I have no marketing background whatsoever, and this is super easy to understand and completely common sense. Love it.
— Miette Legrand
Really covers a lot of marketing info and really clears up a lot of holes I had in developing my marketing agency.
— Sage Devani

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